My approach to writing and life is the same. It’s about Feeling.

As a Content Marketing, SEO Writer, I commit to doing stellar research and insightful writing your audience can feel. Writing that beckons an active response to further investigate your business and all you have to offer.

I listen to you as you layout your business savvy and needs, and I go to work to represent your vision and voice.

I am dependable and a team worker. In 2019, I received Content Marketing certification from Smart Blogger. Here is my portfolio of published writings.

Life Feeling

The best parts of life are those that bring you good feelings. These are the moments we cherish and remember. Even when life brings us unpleasurable feelings, sometimes they tend to remain as growth lessons.

I share my blog, Life Feeling, to highlight the experiences and feelings we all experience in life. Why not savor them, have conversations around them and learn from them to accent our life pleasures even more.

Along with writing, I love nature, sustainability efforts, spending time with family and community, business, finance, weaving and eating delicious food.