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Feeling Distinguishes Life: How Alive are You?

Feeling distinguishes life. It’s what lets you know you are alive. As you exchange heartfelt feelings with others, you experience a mutual strengthening and nourishing of your life-force.

How Feeling Distinguishes Life?

The things you do in life reward you with feelings. You feel fulfillment from a life with purpose. You feel satiated when you eat. You feel connections to others and the environment.

Sometimes a relationship can hurt and frustrate you, but even then it triggers soul searching. Crazy food choices may bring on indigestion, or at worst, serious illness, but it prompts you to eat healthier. When you feel empty in life, you search out meaning and purpose.

Your feelings, both the good and the bad, are continually guiding you through life.

Sensory Feeling Fun

So much of what you see and experience rewards you with feeling, self- awareness, empathy, and aliveness.

The picture below gives the feeling of timelessness, intrigue and travel. It triggers an experience of walking on a beach in some remote place in the world, feeling the gritty sand between your toes as time stands still.

While this next one makes you feel fun, jamming, and togetherness. It makes you recall a time you shared precious time with someone you love; the joy and the synchronized rhythm.

The picture below caught my attention because it feels illusive and represents capturing rare moments in life. I can feel the leather on the camera, the warmth of the light coming in the window, the movement of the colors and the passing of time.

Life is so full of rich, sensory experiences and life-enhancing lessons you feel and enjoy. Whether it is your home life, your social life, work, hobbies or time in nature, you are gifted with feelings of love, passion, pleasure, connection and fulfillment.

Where Do Feelings Lead Us?

“Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge.” – Audre Lorde

When you respond to your intuition and inquisitiveness, they bring you knowledge of yourself and the world around you. Feel what your body is saying and it gives you health and energy. Feel your loved ones, and it reveals who they are and strengthens your connection with them.

Even when feelings hurt, seek to understand them and release them. Don’t just snuff out the pain, covering it with your sheer will. It will only rise again as anger and despair. When you face the pain and receive what you must from it-the knowledge – then release it, lighten your spirit and strengthen your soul.

What is your Inner Touch?

Your daily endeavors bear the mark of your feelings you make prints on your path. These prints are determined by how you were felt by others along the way. What attitude you display, how you treat others, do you infuse passion into what you do?… As you navigate through life it is all about what you are feeling and causing others to feel.

It is important to be honest about how you feel and in every opportunity raise your feeling vibration to a positive and high frequency that assists you in your life and inspires others.

Our feelings and emotions are like the feel of surfaces we touch

Soft like sensitivity

Coarse like bitterness and anger

Jagged like stress and worry

Fluffy like joyfulness and laughter

Smooth like calm

The behavior and feelings we emit are felt like these textures and they penetrate into other beings as such. You’ve heard people say, “You rubbed me the wrong way”.

Not only do other people feel what we are emitting, the feelings circulate our bodies and impact our physical and mental health. Worry and stress prompt high blood pressure. Anger prompts headaches. Joy and laughter rewards us with relief and energy.

How to Distinguish Your Life with Feeling

  1. You can choose what feelings you want to feel. Release bad feelings and emotions that descend upon you. When someone has a heavy spirit you can feel it as soon as they enter the room. Don’t be that someone. Strive to be light hearted
  2. Your thoughts affect your feelings, so choose good thoughts and ward off bad ones.

“By choosing your thoughts and by selecting which emotional currents you will release and which you will reinforce, you determine the quality of your light. You determine the effects you have on others and the nature of the experiences of your life.” The Seat of the SoulSmile and laugh to lift your spirits.

4. Smile and laugh to lift your spirits.

3. Get to know your happy triggers and use them daily. It may be your favorite music, or watching the sun rise. If the luxurious feel of velvet or silk creates great feelings for you, just do it. I have a favorite tree I visit to hear the sound of its leaves rustling; it calms and invigorates me.

5. Create an environment that reinforces how you want to feel.

Feel Color

You can use the colors to make you feel strong or uplifted.

You can place accessories throughout your home that delight and inspire you.

You can arrange the lighting to give you the ambience you desire.

You can post affirmations and quotes  in your space that help you focus and perform

6. Experience genuine connections with nature and with the people you encounter daily. It’s as simple as a smile, some laughter, listening instead of forcing your own point, walking barefoot in the grass and lending a helping hand. It’s all about feeling better.

Life is meant to be felt with all your senses. Seeing the green trees and the blue sky; feeling the gentle breeze and the tender kiss, hearing that familiar voice or your favorite tune and tasting deliciousness!

Feelings let you know you are distinctly alive! You can use this gift to revive yourself and to connect with others.

Share how you get the most out of feeling. What are your happy triggers and transforming environments? Let us know in the comments below.