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Our Pleasure Choices: What Time and Circumstance Reveal

Over the years, as we have sought to conform to the demands of modern living in a highly technical and material world, our life pace has accelerated, which has influenced our pleasure choices.

The work-life balance conversation and movement came forth as a cry for relief, but it could not stop the momentum of a progressively frantic-paced world.

The frantic pace came to a halt with the Coronavirus pandemic. And with this halt came time for reflection and realization of things we were unable to internalize in the midst of our frantic pace.

Surprising Revelations

Now, we see some common threads:

  • Students or corporate workers forced to study or work from home, who realize it is possible and perhaps even better
  • Everyday people on lockdown, forced to have more family interaction and more interaction with nature, who enjoy the connection and revival.
  • Consummate and trendy consumers who realize their material possessions and fashion forwardness have lesser value in these times and feel relief to just “be” and not have to conform.

We see how people favor a better life pace, that is less frantic, to do things we always wanted to do but thought we couldn’t because we had to function and thrive in our fast-paced world.

Will a Change of Pace Hurt Us?

Being forced to stop in our tracks, proved to us that we won’t be doomed if we adopt a friendlier pace, and we can even take time to enjoy what is truly valuable and authentically pleasurable.  

  • Enjoying more home-cooked meals with the family. The taste,  comfort and
  •  freshness we love, but often sacrifice to the time crush of our active lives.
  • Experiencing the keen insights and heartfelt connections of being more hands-on with our children’s education. So many parents were caught off guard when they became the primary lockdown teachers; a far cry from what was a few homework hours squeezed in at the end of the day.
  • Feeling the undeniable calm and energy from spending more time in nature; walking, gardening, etc. – the discovery of nature’s power to heal us in such stressful times, with the extra benefit of it bolstering our immune systems.
  • Being more conscious to conduct our financial affairs in a manner that eliminates debt and provides us security in lean years.
  • Moving gracefully away from unnecessary medicines, antibiotic resistance and adverse side effects to experience alternative healing modalities that are gentler and more sustainable. 
  • Supporting and strengthening our immune systems through our lifestyle choices, such as healthier food, less stress and more movement and exercise.

We have been made woefully aware of how the virus befell many people with ”underlying conditions”. Many of which stem from  lifestyle diseases resulting from lifestyle and pleasure choices that do not support life, are not sustainable and cause us to be more susceptible to disease.

We have been made woefully cognizant of the fragility of financial security as we watched lockdowns eat away at people’s life savings and business stability. Once thriving families are living in their cars and on the streets; once thriving businesses, people’s dreams and futures have imploded.

A friendlier life pace is in our best interest.

Pleasure Choices For Meaningful Inroads

Hard lessons at great costs, yet we are empowered by them to seize our future. COVID 19 precautionary measures and vaccines are told to promise us a brighter future, but hopefully, it will not be a return to a path that led us here in the first place. 

Many share this sentiment as is expressed in these testimonials captured by Thrive Global l:

“Amidst the challenges of lockdown this year, I have learned the power of letting go. I’ve learned that to be happy with myself, I don’t need botox, three-color hair processing, eyelash extensions, or a professional manicure.  I don’t need to own the latest, fastest laptop or smartphone. I am releasing old habits and gaining wisdom. I have gratitude for what I have and who I am. What I do need is my family and friends to be safe and well.”

—Jennifer Ettinger, strategist, Cleveland, OH

 “…I realized busyness doesn’t equate to happiness, productivity, or even revenue. I began scheduling time to do my real job — to authentically connect, process, and create. That’s the work that matters.”

—Stacy Cassio, CEO, Charlotte, N (1)

We can begin now to upgrade our pleasure choices to those that prepare us for any future challenges.

Balanced diets to amp up our nutritional storehouse. Fun movement to keep our bodies challenged and strong.

Fiscal wisdom to continually provide for our families. We can adjust our life pace to allow us to thrive, connect and partake in activities we hold dear.

Share your thoughts and some positive life pace adjustments you want to make, in the comments below.



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