Breaking Through The Norms

Preeminent Pleasures: Breaking Through The Norms

Preeminent pleasures do not cost you your health, wealth or vibrance. They are all about enjoyable activities that invigorate your spirit, fresh foods that revitalize you, and sensible personal and business finances that profit you. 

There is a misconception that in order to live a healthy and fulfilling life you must give up many pleasures, because pleasure is often equated with decadence. But it’s just not true.

Achieving pleasure from activities that support your life and invigorate your spirit is simply a matter of creating new norms and breaking through the norms that do not serve you.

Creating New Norms

So how do we create new norms when “quilty pleasures” are so interwoven into our lives?

Examining your efforts for daily life maintenance, along with assessing desired personal dreams, goals and objectives, can open new pleasure pathways.

The famous TV program “Autopsy”,  investigated the deaths of the rich and famous who lived the so-called “rich life” of pleasure and entertainment. So many of the cases revealed common addictions, keeping of late hours and eating bad diets, and just a general lack of honor for life itself. 

Thank goodness this isn’t the norm. Many people do desire to emulate the lives of the rich and famous, but such notoriety comes at such a high price. You definitely have to break through this type of norm to find health, happiness and true fulfillment.

Breaking Through The Norms

There are so many better options. Be famous for health and fitness, be famous for helping other people overcome addiction and be famous for honoring life and promoting a secure and flourishing lifestyle.

Make This Necessity Work In Your Favor

We receive a lot of pleasure from our beauty and grooming regimes.  The beauty products industry is continuously booming and profiting.

“The revenue of the U.S. cosmetic industry is estimated to amount to about 49.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2019.” (1)

And that’s just the U.S.! Globally, people are spending major time and money on beauty regimes. Grooming is a must. It’s enjoyable, and it allows us to put our best image forward.

We tend to follow the latest beauty and fashion trends with little thought to the pain and ill consequence it may cause us. Beauty is coveted and these are norms that are very difficult to break through.

  • So much damage done to skin from the many chemical laden beauty products that penetrate your skin and enter your bloodstream to adversely affect your health.
  • So many hair products from aerosols to dyes to perms that all introduce heavy harmful chemicals to one of the most important regions of the body, your head and brain.
  • So many foot operations caused by the fashionable shoes that distort your feet.  

It’s 2020 and there are so many wonderful natural, organic skincare products, makeups, hair products and even beautiful fashions and footwear that are available and affordable for you to enjoy. 

The trend of just putting anything on your body can pass away. It’s no longer necessary. We can have just as much beauty and just as much pleasure grooming with products that are healthy for us.

How To Enjoy Outflanking Disaster

There is immense pleasure in being financially secure as opposed to spending money uncontrollably and always being in debt.  There are times when credit juggling comes in handy, but when you begin to drown in debt, it’s no longer serving you.

These uncertain times of Covid-19 are threatening  our financial security. Being fiscally responsible is more important and valuable now than ever. 

  • Instead of using a credit card to get into debt, use it to build wealth with purchase points and cashback rewards.
  • Transform saving money into an enjoyable challenge and contest, with occasional rewards.
  • Place less emphasis on accumulating gadgets and other material things and focus on essential needs and future security. Or use your gadgets as investments that can bring you dividends in the future.
  • The ability to work together within communities is becoming continually valuable; for mutual support, co-oping, bartering and facing challenges with a united front.

Are You Sabotaging Your Efforts?

Living in the time of the covid-19 virus has taught us the sheer importance of having a healthy immune system. Everywhere you turn there is information on how to boost your immune system.

You wear masks and clean your hands but if you aren’t eating fresh foods, you could be sabotaging your efforts to ward off COVID 19.

The problem is we have been conditioned to believe that processed foods are the most enjoyable. All the enticing commercials and the colorful products on the store shelves, the food industry has us hooked!

So now we are locked down in our homes looking for security and comfort and the first thing we gravitate to is processed foods.

We actually have to develop a stronger sense of survival and take comfort in eating more fresh foods. Not just eating them, allowing ourselves to experience the pleasure they bring.

If you are honest you know that fresh foods are delicious and they don’t give you that heavy feeling you get when you eat the oil-laden, sugar-laden, salt-laden processed foods. 

Fresh Foods

Fresh foods have strong distinct flavors. When you allow yourself to be in tune with your body you can feel the energy they supply you with.

There is such a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains, that you don’t get bored. Also, locally sourced foods, grass-fed meats and fresh seafood prove to be more tasty and nutritious.

A positive change in your eating habits can help protect you from falling prey to the Coronavirus or any other “lifestyle diseases” causing widespread death these days.

Be inspired to do some push-backs on the processed foods while embracing more healthy comfort foods, as a permanent lifestyle pleasure change and upliftment. 

Flip The Switch

It’s called a breakthrough because it requires effort and because it delivers you to a higher plane.

There are life-giving rewards for breaking through the norms of debilitating habits and activities. All the things you depend on for sustenance are meant to bring you pleasure. 

Suffering unnecessary pain and ill effects are not a given. You can navigate to pleasurable pleasures and experience more health, wealth and vibrance.

Let us know what life-enhancing pleasures you enjoy in the comments below.